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Friday, November 30, 2007

It's Raining....

I love the rain. I would love to be curled up on the couch or my bed reading a book. Raining days are great. I love them even more, because usually James doesn't have to work, so we get to spend time with him. If it keeps raining tomorrow, I get a whole Saturday with my hubbie. But, it does stink that Dennyse is trying to move and the rain does make that a little harder. But, my evil plan of creating rain to make her move difficult so she will feel bad about moving has worked! EVIL LAUGHING!!!

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to decorate for Christmas. I have more up at work than at home. Home will be interesting. Perhaps I'll put Santa hats on James' skull collection. I know it sounds weird, but he decided to collect skulls and we also have a 6ft tall Zombie cowboy in the living room. But, we really do enjoy Halloween, so sometimes our Christmas decorations are a little Nightmare Before Christmas. My 3ft tall Jack Skellington looks out over my living room. But, don't worry will still have a picture of Jesus Christ and the Prophet in our home, so we aren't completely warped, we just have interesting taste. On a Jack Skellington note, I am now carrying the Jack purse I got at Disney and I have a bracelet I've been wearing to accompany my tattoo. Boy, I am strange!

On a nice note, Sophie discovered that Mommy's Ipod plays music not just lights up, so she was sitting this morning holding the buds in her ears. Way cute! Abby held out her hand to take on of the buds to listen to the music with her and Sophie pushed her away with a grunt. Abby says she needs a baby Ipod! Sophie cracks me up because now she doesn't have to have music to dance. You just tell her "And, Dancing, and dancing, and dancing" over and over and she starts to spin around and do her spinning dance. Too cute!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sleepin' Soph

Thank you Amie for sending me pictures of my sweet-pea at work. It makes me want to run over there and hug her, instead of being here at work.


I think I'm coming down with something. I'm getting that scratchy throat and sore feeling in my body. Oh well. Sophie has a runny nose. Poor dear. Soon she'll be running away as soon as she sees me coming with a tissue.

This week we had Pack Meeting with Cub Scouts. It was pretty fun. It was a bum that it was Dennyse's last Pack Meeting with us. My whole run of Scouts has been with her, and it will be so weird not seeing her there on Wednesday Nights. Thank goodness she still will live in Surprise and I will be bugging her often.

Abby has a loose tooth. She was up pratically all night messing with it. First time around must be pretty weird. Her cousin, Johnathen, thinks her loose tooth is nothing since he lost both front teeth this week. Just in time for Christmas!

Last night was pretty crazy with the kids both having homework to do. Abby freaks out when she does homework, so it's a huge event to color two boxes. She is paranoid that she's going to do something wrong. Even though you tell her it's okay, she doesn't want to fail. Joey just has to have someone sit next to him the whole time so he actually does it. After homework was done, we sat back and watched last week's Ugly Betty, since I missed everything else last night. At 9 James and I watched "Life." That's a really interesting show. I like the guy that stars in it, he was in Band of Brothers. Awesome mini series! I find it so interesting when British guys play Americans. House is like that too. Well, they do say we are the ones that have accents!

Can't wait until Friday! I need to be done with work! Hopefully I'll be feeling up to going to Amie's crop. Well, TTFN!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Back from the Happiest Place on Earth....

Well, I survived my California Adventure! We had a ton of fun. Thursday we got up early and loaded the car for the long drive. We were in pretty good spirits. I watched "Singles Ward" on my DVD player. Way cute movie. Then we stopped at the Dinosaurs and took some pictures, before heading back to the highway for the remainder of our trip. We got through Riverside, then James got lost. Luckily we only had about a billion mile side track that landed us close to San Bernadino, and with some directions obtained from a AMPM, we quickly arrived in Anaheim.

After hotel check in, we decided to head to the Knott's Berry Farm area and get something to eat and do some shopping. I love Snoopy stuff. We got some fudge and some Carrow's for dinner and then headed to CVS so my MIL could get some film. I can't believe she still uses film! James found a DVD player in the CVS for $20 (and we needed another at home too) so he got it and we hooked it up and watched a scary movie (the kids were asleep) until we couldn't keep our eyes open for another second. So, off to sleep, with visions of Mickey dancing in our heads.

I woke us all up the next morning so we could get to Disney early. We grabbed some Continental breakfast courtesy of the Ramada, then went to Disneyland. James heard someone honk while we were in the parking garage (Daisy parking) so he started honking, then soon everyone was honking, people were so excited.

First thing we did was get our picture with Mickey (the one with me is unfortunately on my MIL's camera, I was getting a locker at the time the one below was taken). Then we went to the Enchanted Tiki Room. Sophie really loved that one! My MIL liked it alot too. And her BF just called everything Suave the whole weekend (he only speaks Spanish). We say Aladdin and Jasmine, did the Haunted Mansion (whoa-hoo, Jack Skellington!) all the fun stuff. The new Finding Nemo ride was wonderful. Sophie loved it and kept her face pressed right up against the glass to see. We stayed at Disney until they cancelled the fireworks (due to high winds) and the kids were really too tired to stay much longer. They were tired all day because they complained pretty much non stop. So by this time, I was sure I made a mistake coming all the way to Cali.

The next day, back to Disneyland to hit Space Mountain (the day before they had run out of Fast Passes at like 3:00, so we didn't want to wait 60 min) and check out the Jedi Training Academy. Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Storm Troopers, the works! Joey really liked that, but was sad he didn't get picked to become a Padawan. Then we head to California Adventure. BTW, the whole day Tammy and I were text messaging where we were in the Park because they had come up on Saturday and we kept missing each other. We had some great hamburgers, soared over California, then decided to do the Grizzly Mountain. Abby, James and I got soaked. My MIL, her BF and Joey went on before we did (while we watched Sophie) and they only had a couple sprinkles. I had to get an another shirt, it soaked me to my shoes! The geyser! And, those of you that know, that extra layer underneath didn't help the drying off quickly factor. I did the Tower of Terror twice in a row. We did Playhouse Disney for the kiddos. We did meet up with the Clark's that night and did California Screamin' twice in a row. Then we headed back to Disney to take in the fireworks. They started them, then had to stop because the high winds were to strong. Bummer! It did snow and Abby and Joey enjoyed that (Sophie was asleep). Pirates one more time, shopping then back to the hotel. I was so sore!

We slept in a little on Sunday, then headed home. I was so happy to be home and to sleep in my bed! Overall, a great trip! It will stay with me for a long time, mostly the pain in my legs from all that walking!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Twas the night before...Turkey Day!

Thought I'd pop in to do a short blog before my vacation starts. Technically I only get two days off of work, but that's good enough for me!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving,so here are a few things I'm thankful for...

1. My Heavenly Father, without him, nothing is possible and he provides me with so many blessings.

2. Jesus Christ, without his suffering and his sacrifice, I would be unable to be sealed to my husband and children for time and all eternity, because I would never be able to repent for my sins. I will someday be able to live with my Heavenly Father again because he died for all of us.

3. My hubbie, James. He's a little crazy, it's that affectionite, but he's perfect to me and I love him!

4. My babies. Joey, Abby and little Sophie. They bring me joy, they bring me pain (specifically in my rear) but they are such blessings!

5. My parents. They are always there to help and just love me, no matter what. The greatest grandparents in the world!

6. My friends, my shoulders to cry on

7. Everything else that I can't put into words, but appreciate!

I love you all! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and remember to thank Heavenly Father everyday for your blessings, not just every November!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday at 3:00...

It is really hard to work on a Friday afternoon. It's extra hard when you know you have a vacation coming up. I feel like I need one of those counters that shows how many days, hours and minutes until we are in the Magic Kingdom! Woo-hoo!

I was telling Dennyse the other day that I always get stressed out when I go on a trip. I would get canker-sores in my mouth before we went on vacation when I was a kid. I don't know why, but I am the biggest worry-wart. I was thinking about it last night, but this trip is the first one I've really done on my own. All the other times I've been out of town (Disneyland, etc.) my parents were there. Even when we went to Mexico. So, this has been strange for me to be the one to make the hotel reservations and all that. I can't believe at 28 years old with 3 kids, I don't feel grown-up enough to go on vacation without my folks. I do have to say that I will miss them terribly! I enjoy doing things with them, but I guess I finally have to grow up and do things on my own. Besides, they didn't want to go, so really have no choice, tee-hee!

So, thanks for the shout-out from Christine, yes, Disneyland is my favorite place too! Last time I was there I was pregnant with Sophie, so I didn't get to go on anything. It's going to be hard with the baby, but my MIL will be there so we can do lot's of trade offs. But, I think Sophie is going to enjoy it. She's really getting into music now (does she dance when you play the piano, Amie?) and dances all the time. It's funny, she'll go around and around in a circle during her dances until she gets to dizzy and falls. It's hilarious!

I'm excited for tonight, my first "crop." I don't even have a cute tote to bring my stuff in, boy am I new at this. Hopefully all of the pros won't laugh at me! We all started somewhere ladies :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vets & My Weekend...

I feel so bad that I let Veteran's Day go by without saying anything. So, I definitely need to catch up. Sometimes I think my blog is just me apologizing for not posting. Anyhoo...

For those of you that don't know, I work at the Arizona State Veteran's Home a long term care center (aka Nursing Home) for Veterans and their spouses (or surviving spouses). I have the privilege of maintaining Human Resources for the Department of Nursing, whose responsibility is to provide daily care to these Heroes. We have Veterans that served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. We have ladies that have outlived their husbands that served in these wars, living out their last days in our home. (It's kind of interesting that staff here call death the "celestial journey." I've always found that interesting, a little morbid, but interesting). Every morning, at 9:00a.m. the Pledge of Allegiance is broadcast over the intercom. It is followed by a moment of silence. Although I'm teased that the only reason we have this is because it is a Veteran's Home, I'm proud that my morning still begins with the Pledge, just like in school. So, to say the least, I have Veterans always on my mind :)

On Friday, we had a Veteran's Day Celebration. Our Agency Director, Brigadier General Maxon spoke and bagpipes played and we honored all the Veterans living here at the home. But, the best part for me was when my friend and I noticed the resident's were getting hot. We saw that they had no water, so she ran and got water pitchers and cups and we went out and served the Veterans water. This was very special to me. My friend turned to me and said something about others not thinking, and I told her "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God" (Mosiah 2:17) and that is why she always thinks of others because she wants to serve her Heavenly Father. I think that may have touched her. (Most likely she was trying to figure out where that quote was in the bible :) ) But, I do have to say that I was touched by that act of service that we did for the Veterans. It was small, but they were thankful. I left work that day in a wonderful mood.

So, on a final note about Veterans....Thank you Dad! Also, thank you all those who served, those who are serving and those who will serve for keeping my family safe!

So, Saturday I took Joey to the Faith in God activity at the Stake center, cleaned up and then, yup, started a little scrap booking. I got a few things done then I started to feel lousy. I knew my cold was coming on and it hit me hard Saturday night! I was sick all Sunday, with hardly any voice. The baby felt yucky too, she was really fussy. So, we had a drugged Sunday (she just had baby Tylenol and I had some yucky tasting syrup) of sleeping and feeling guilty for missing church. I think my whole house was under the weather, everyone just laying around all day. By Monday afternoon I was feeling a little better and by Monday night I had to get out of the house! I made a quick run to Target for some items and a quick stop at Barnes and Noble for a couple books. I have to say, and this is weird, but I only go into Barnes and Noble with a full bladder. I do that so I hurry with a selection and get out. Otherwise, I'd stay there forever and have to pay a bazillion dollars for all of the books I want! I do love watching my collection of books grow. My next project, book plates so when I lend them out, I hopefully get them back :) I'm strange, but I love to read books over and over again! (I'm noticing my extreme use of exclamation points in this post, I had to go back and take some out...wow)

On to another week.....next week...Disneyland! (ah, another exclamation point)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Let's play catch-up!

Wow! Last week was a busy week! It started out on Tuesday when I got to go to the Get Motivated! Conference. It was really interesting. Colin Powell was wonderful as well as Michael Eisner (formally Disney). I mentioned this to Amie and my mom, but I found it interesting that most of the speakers had all been married for more than 30+ years. It goes to show you that you have to be successful in your personal life to trully be a success all around! These guys were bizillionaires!

Next, Wednesday, my favorite day Halloween!!! It's like Christmas for me the night before I can never sleep. Anyway, I dressed up as a witch (see my pretty picture) all day including work. By the time I got home that night my feet were killing! I had boots on, very authentic! The kids were so cute trick-0r-treating. I can't find my cord to my camera to put the pictures on my computer. Very frustrating. Anyhoo, we got home late, but that was okay since I had Thursday and Friday off for my bro's wedding.

Thursday was not a fun day. I had to go to an appointment for Joey to check out his behavior issues. I'm not going to go into it, but those of you I already talked to know how I felt after. And those who want to know, let me know. Anyhoo, after that I picked up the babies and went home. I had to go get my nails done for the wedding. I like them, but I have such crappy cuticles, I always get knicked no matter what, so they hurt the next couple days. That's also why I am typing so stinky! After that, the Wedding Rehearsal!

So, we drove out to Timbuktu, or Cave Creek as it is normally known, to the Satisfied Frog. James calls it something else in Spanish, that is pretty funny, but not appropriate :) I met Camille's parents for the first time (and they have been dating more than 2 years!) first time for my parent too. It was a good rehearsal, we all seemed really. It was getting scary, the next day was the wedding! After driving the long road home, we stumbled into bed.

On W Day, I took the my two oldest to school the next day and kept my Soph home with me for some bonding. I did a little shopping for some shoes and wedding bribes for Abby (if she did her flower girl duties) it was too important not to bribe. After a little house cleaning (BTW it was messed up the very next day to the point it looks like I didn't touch it) it was time to pick up the kiddos from school so Abby, my mom and I could get out hair done. I really liked all of our hair, Becky did a great job. Weird thing is, she bought her house from Amie's brother! Strange isn't it? Small world. Anyhoo, we ran to my mom's house and I did her make-up and mine then we raced home.

Then, I lost the vows. Yup, couldn't find them anywhere. My mom had to print another copy after I went freak-a-zoid. We finally gathered everything up and got in the car for another billion years trip to Cave Creek. We got there, everyone was rushing around, going crazy. We got dressed and people started to arrive. I was really nervous. It was time. Abby freaked out a little and wouldn't go down by herself, so she walked with the bride and her parents until she calmed down and did her flower girl gig. I did okay doing the ceremony until I got to "kiss the bride" then I got choked up. It was emotional. I got through, it was beautiful and it was over! We did it! Dinner was great big steaks or chicken and mashed potatoes and veggies. Very good. Abby got over her shyness and danced the whole night! I got to see my cousins and it was a great time.

Saturday was as follows: Zzzzzz......throw-up....Zzzz....trip to the toliet......Zzzzzz ...and repeat. Not fun!

Sunday was nice, we got to see the Carter's baby blessed. Very nice, James got to stand in the circle. I think it meant alot to him. After that visiting with the family, talking about the wedding and eating Mexican spagetti (not much of a difference). It was a good way to end a busy week. Nothing like Family!!!!!

So, I think that catches us up! TTFN!

I was tagged!

I was tagged so I have to own up and post 6 things about myself...this will be hard!

1. I love Halloween! Like crazy, my house is practically decorated all year for it!

2. I have 5 tattoos. My hubbie did them all for me.

3. My house is always a mess. Like crazy gross messy. I'm so ashamed that I sometimes say I am to busy for people to visit because of it.

4. By virtue of my laziness do I have a messy house. I am extremely lazy! So, I also procrastinate. Yup, I even put off doing this post because I was a lazy procrasinator!

5. I performed my brother's marriage ceremony, that's a weird one :)

6. And last but not least....I have a dirty mind. That's right, most of the stuff that came to my head when I was typing this was not things you want to know. I can't help it though, I come from a long line of dirty minds! Specifically my Memere! (my grandma) She is one dirty bird! Oh, well and least I can stop my self from saying things that come to mind...most of the time!