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Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm looking over a four leafed clover...

I thought I'd share my hubbie's discovery at work today. He was tearing out clover, then as we tend to do, took a bit of a closer look.

It may be hard to see, but there is actually 4 leaves on that there clover! Funny, yesterday he had corned beef and cabbage, today a shamrock :)

I'm sending good luck everyone's way!!!!

Easter update will post when I have more energy :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

To get rid of the nekky....

Sorry, it's been so long since I've posted. After this post, I'm only a week behind. Perhaps I'll tackle that tomorrow. I have a house full of sickies today. Apparently, I needed to have a day off to clean up puke. It's my dream :) Anyhoo, let's go back...

Last week at work my friend Doris brought in this diaper cake she make for another coworker's daughter's shower. Cute, isn't it? She made me one when I was preggo with Soph, too. Adorable!

Friday night was a crop, it was really fun! Dennyse brought her friend Aracelli, a scrapbook virgin, and I have to say, I think she caught the bug! Or the disease, if you listen to my husband. We had a fun time chatting and listening to Amie compare plants and swirls to various body parts. LOL! Funny!! No pics are included of my fab work (not that it was fab, but definitely work) I just can't seem to get the pictures right! But, here's a few of the crop:

Saturday was Abby's birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza. Sophie rode the Spiderman ride:

Abby has some friends from school, as well as her Kindergarten teacher attend. Here she is playing air hockey:

James has a knack for finding the "lucky" machine. Or more precisely, the broken one. Here he is hitting the jackpot..

He and his loot..

Everyone standing around waiting for a total:

Ammon helping put the tickets in the machine:

I believe the grand total was around 1300 tickets. I think James has more fun sometimes than the kids!

Here's Abby with her birthday cake. It's Hannah Montana since the Sam's Club didn't have the design she wanted, with Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends on it..Happy 6th Birthday Abby!

Here is a picture of one of the center pieces I made for Abby's party with Eduardo from Foster's Home for Imaginary friends. Love it!

Overall, it was a great party!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just a couple quick stories of my fine weekend, with some added treats of pics of my fam and friends.Joey talked his dad into buying Mr. Potato head from Amie's yard sale. It's okay Amie! I got some cute pictures of Joey and Sophie with the Potato on Saturday...

Saturday night we went to Dennyse and Auggie's house for some amazing steaks and veggies and to be totally healthy....their chocolate fountain! Seriously, these things are great! Here's some pictures of the fab time we had eating...

Then Dennyse and I made the invites to Abby's B-day party. Abby chose Foster's Home for Imaginary friends for her theme (it's a cartoon on Cartoon Network, it's one I actually like-check it out, it's funny) so we did some "Imaginary monster friends" on her cards.

When I got home I finished up on a card I was making my brother for his birthday. I've just been so busy I hadn't finished it in time. Now, bear in mind that we had been joking about how old he was feeling (27 is a heavy burden to bear) and that's why the card is a little morbid. I like it :)

So, that brings us to Sunday, we went to my mom's house for some family time and some albondigas!

Monday was Abby's 6th birthday...my how time has flown! She chose to go to Red Robin for dinner, then we went to Walmart to buy her own bike. Princess of course! It was quite fun. She can't wait for her pretend birthday at Peter Piper's on Saturday.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A look back...

Yesterday, in the mail with all of my bills and attempts to collect large amounts of money I don't have, was a big manila envelope. My son excitedly opened it because he recognized the sender. It came from Theater Works, a community Theater in Peoria that I was involved in when I was pregnant with Sophie. So, let's go back in time (in my head I hear the "Remember the Time" montage from 104.7 I hear every morning, right Christine?)

December 2006....I was doing a musical called "The Christmas Schooner" about how Christmas trees were brought to Chicago by German immigrants and how it's still tradition to this day....but, I digress...I hadn't been involved in a show since before Abby was born, and it was at Glendale Community College about 5 years before. My theater blood was seriously depleted and in need of a transfusion of applause, STAT! I had always known about Theater works because I had auditioned for the "Secret Garden" there in '97, but had to drop out because it conflicted with a show I was doing in school that I was getting graded for. If I stayed in the show, I would have failed, so school came first. Failing Choir, Oh my gosh!

So, anyhoo, I was a chorus member for Schooner. It was really difficult running there after work, staying until 9:00 and leaving my little ones at home. James was really supportive and wanted me to do it. I was enjoying the performance factor. It was a small show, I had a one line solo and about a page I had lines on. Whilst we were performing, we heard talk about the auditions for the next musical, "Little Mary Sunshine (here's a link for a website that talks about the show http://www.littlemarysunshine.com/). I talked to James and decided to audition. I told him I would only say yes to a role if it was a "lead" with an entire song or something. I know that sounds a little stuck-up, but basically, if I'm giving up time for my family, it would have to be something major, since I just was finishing up with another show.

I auditioned with a piece that had to show off my range. Well, since we all decided a little last minute to audition, I was permitted to audition with "Silent Night" because I could really show off the old upper range with that one. I did a run through of the song the character I was auditioning for sang, a read through of the lines and the dance audition.

I was reading for Madame Ernestine Von Liebedich a retired German opera singer. Her lines were all written like she talked, written with the accent built in. It was very difficult since it was a cold read, to know what the hey she was saying. But, it worked because I got the part!!!!

About a month in to the rehearsals, I found out I was expecting my 3rd, my little Soph. I was sick all day long and had to go to rehearsal and perform ill. Lovely...but back to the envelope....if anyone is still there?....Hello....Bueller?

Okay, I was nominated for a ariZoni award (Zoni) for this show. For those of you that don't know, here's the site http://arizoniawards.com/aboutzon.shtml and it's basically, a theater award for Arizona people. We used to say the Arizona Tony Awards. If you don't know what a Tony Award is, shame on you, that one you'll have to look up on your own. So, anyway, I was nominated and they have this wonderful dinner and awards and it took place two days from my due date on the other side of town. So, I couldn't risk going, to far from home, too close to popping and no way was I going to taint my baby with any Eastside germs (LOL) WESTSIDE!!!! I didn't think I had a chance, but just going...it's an honor to be nominated, that sort of thing.

17 months later, in the mail, I receive my certificate for being nominated for a Zoni award in the mail. Now I have some proof, it's being framed and going on my wall! At least it does look good on a resume to say "Zoni Nominated" I guess like having your work published (all you scrappers out there)

Well, there's my look back after receiving an award 17 months old in the mail yesterday.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Wow, it's been awhile....

Last Monday I was ready to do an update, but then all heck broke loose. Well, not really, but we had several interesting days that week.

Some stuff happened with a really good friend of mine, but I decided for privacy sake, not to publish it here on my blog. But, everyone is doing well and certain people are on the road to recovery (not that kind of recovery, rehab was not involved). Anyhoo, I know that was rather cryptic, but hey, I gotta do, what I gotta do. So, that was Monday.

Tuesday was the Blue and Gold Banquet at Scouts. I think it went really well. We had Chinese food because the theme was Chinese New Year. I got my 1 year pin and a thank you since I am now no longer in scouts. I'll miss it!

Wednesday was really hard. Joey wasn't feeling well, so I left work early to help James out with the kids since he was also not feeling well. First we went to the International Festival at the kids school. It's really fun, they do it every year. Each class does a different country and decorates and brings food from said country. You completely get a full meal while you are there. Nice! We had food from India, Africa, Brazil, China, Japan, England, Ireland, Greece, Egypt, Mexico...it was great! You carry a passport around and get it stamped, and when it's full your kiddo gets a prize. Very fun! After that, I took Abby to her dance class at Countryside Rec with the City of Surprise. She had a great time and participated. I was hoping we wouldn't have a repeat of last year's t-ball debacle. I had to drag her to the plate then pull her around the bases. Visions of this kept flashing in my head, and with my knee injury... Yup, it was still not working and as of today, is finally starting to really feel better. I just would so much enjoy hoping around the room with a bunch of little girls getting my ballet on. But, she did fine and it was fun.

Thursday Joey was still feeling bad, but insisted on going to his Musical Theater class. He had so much fun! It's also with the City.

Friday I was off work and after I dropped Abby at school (Joey stayed home with his sick dad) I went to Sprouts with Sophie to pick up stuff for the Primary Quarterly Activity that was scheduled for Saturday morning. We had fun picking out different things to put into trail mix. Sophie was the taste tester :) James and Joey slept most of the day. *sigh* I picked up Abby from school and then went to have my nails filled. Got my same nail tech and we had another great conversation about movie and t.v. After that I went home and got everything ready for the next day.

So, Saturday morning. I survived! We survived! It went well. The kids had fun, they listened and the trail mix was a success. All I can say is at least these puppies are only quarterly activities! After that I went home and crashed.

The rest of the weekend really consisted of sick kids, worrying about church and worrying about everything else. I do have a canker sore from all the worrying (I get those instead of ulcers-I'm strange). I'm looking forward to this week and hoping everything goes better!!!