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Friday, January 16, 2009

Mistaken Identity...or...My new Sister

I have to tell you a quick story about a phone call my mom got last night from a childhood friend she hasn't spoken to in years.

Her friend called my mom out of the blue after looking her name up in the phone book. She then asked if my mom has a daughter that is an actress (at this point I was thinking the lady might have seen me in a play I did or something). Mom said that I did some local things and the lady said well...She went and saw the movie Twilight and the actress in it had the same eyes my mom did when she was young. The way her eyelashes looked and everything, so she thought she may be my mom's daughter.

Well....here is what I was supposed to look like or what my sister was supposed to look like (the eyes anyway)

Yup, my mom has Bella eyes. Don't worry though, she wasn't referring to the constant blinking thing she does throughout the movie, just the actual look of them.