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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Microwave Courtesy-Slight gag warning!

Okay folks, I just posted another blog yesterday. If you get a chance, take a read. But, as I sit here at work attempting to get some work done, which as been extremely hard lately, I am overwhelmed with the need to blog something that just happened.

So, for those of you that work in an office, or indeed, those of you that own a microwave, understand that certain foods shouldn't be cooked at work/home in the microwave due to the adverse smell they create throughout the home or office. Basically, the "Thou shall not cook smelly food in thy microwave for it will produce gagging from thy family or co-workers." I am blogging this at 9:26am. Keep that in mind as I relate what just happened to me.

I work in an office right of a Unit in a Nursing Home. Unlike most Nursing Homes my work does not smell like an old lady that made an Oops. Yes, I said it, most places smell yucky. My work has a pleasant aroma of clean. So, anyhoo, I'm sitting in my office minding my own beeswax (as I tell my kiddos) when I get a whiff of something. Now, I know where all of your heads went, since I mentioned old people diapers before, but it was more like a someone hasn't emptied a garbage can since 1964 kind of smell. Well, I immediately check around my office, out in the hall before the realization hit me. Every once in a while in the morning I smell burning toast. It's because there is a Nutrition room on the unit next to me with a toaster, microwave, Fridge, juice machine, yada yada. I think my air conditioning is hooked up with it because although I can smell the toast burning, no one else can smell it in the hall. Coming to the realization that the smell could be coming from the Nutrition Room, I hot-foot-it over there to see what that Gag awful smell is.

Broccoli and Cauliflower mixed veggies at 9:20am.

Yup, some Certified Nursing Assistant trying to be healthy.

Apparently trying to make me puke all over my cute black shoes.

I am a fan of both of these veggies. I love veggies. I also love them after 11:00am in the morning...when they aren't cooked in a microwave when the smell is wafting into my office carried by a air conditioner.

So, just a reminder, please be courteous of what is cooked in the microwave. No, if I was evil, I'd lock her in my office and cook fish (another microwave unfriendly dish).

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Highlights-Updated

Well, I've been majorly sucking at this whole blog thing lately. So, I thought I'd at least throw up some highlights of the last couple weeks.

1. So, starting out. Dennyse, Tammy, Tammy's daughter Heather, Tammy's baby Jesse and I all went to the Women's Expo on the 19th. We were providing the distraction for Dennyse's surprise party, which was being organized by Dennyse's hubbie and Tammy's hubbie. We were all enjoying the expo, trying food, getting freebies, walking when we got a call that the party was being moved from the park to Dennyse's house. It was really funny trying to make changes, and call people all while Dennyse was around. Mostly funny because, as Dennyse admits, she's a bit nosey :) So, she kept asking who we were talking to. She's so much like my husband with that! Hee-hee! So, when the appointed time was getting close we left the expo and I asked to be taken to pick up my kids, much to Dennyse's annoyance. She was hungry! As was I, but hey, we were fixing her a BBQ at home, so we needed to get there. She dropped me off and Tammy distracted her at Target until it was time to go. When she arrived, I can say she was genuinely surprised. It was really a good time. The kids went in the pool, although it was freezing, and we ended the night playing Mexican Train Dominoes (our fave).

2. I started a diet last week. Yes, I know, you've heard this before. *sigh* believe me, I know. So, I'm on week 2 and down 10lbs. I sure hope I can continue. I still love food and it's been hard during our separation and impending divorce(me and food, it's a little comparison-Added for Amie, sorry to freak you out!). Alas, it doesn't like me. It's completely abused me physically and emotionally. I know it's best for us both to go our separate ways.

3. We visited our friends out in Black Canyon City. Eeek! It's quite a little drive to take on a Saturday afternoon, especially when you have church at 8am the next morning! For those of you that don't know, take the I-17 past Anthem (that like, where the like, outlets are) and keep going and don't blink for you may miss Black Canyon City. They are such cool friends. I think we are going to try to send missionaries out that way. They would really embrace them.

4. Church on Sunday was wonderful! It began a little strange. My second counselor was home sick and my chorister was there but because of dental surgery couldn't open her mouth. My 1st counselor and Secretary were problem solving, so I conducted, did the music and did Junior sharing time. It was really fun though. The best was the Junior sharing time. I introduced a Reverence Butterfly to Primary using the story "To Catch a Butterfly" from the May 2001 Friend. Look it up, it's very beautiful. The children loved it! You could have heard a pin drop it was so quiet in there!

5. I came across a couple books I saw on Amie's blog. "Uglies and Pretties" Well, I read them both in two days they are quite addicting. It's so nice to just fall into an easy breezy book. I'm being to really enjoy Young Adult Fiction. Thank you Stephenie Meyer, thank you. Don't look down on it. Sometimes is nice to think Pretty, adult books are way bogus (Amie might be the only one to get that).

6. Did I mention how wonderful television is? I know, I should be doing better things with my time but, hey, what for when I can watch The Office and Ugly Betty. Not to mention The Tudors. *sigh* Even though I know he killed 2 of his six wives, he is way hot! So, for your viewing pleasure: (BTW, just so you know because I DVR the show I can fast forward through the naughty scenes-I'm not that bad of a girl you know)

Monday, April 14, 2008

My new stuff....

Okay, I've had a request to post a blog so someone has something to read at work, so here goes:

Here it is my brand new Dell Inspiron laptop PC! Yup, I'm so lazy I must lie in bed to read emails. LOL! I love it! Did my taxes on in and everything! Woo-hoo!

Last week I got to attend several events for my children. First, Tuesday was the Pinewood Derby. Joey didn't place, but he and his sister had a great time. I didn't get to take pictures because I was acting as the Announcer and James was home with a Sicky Sophie (she's all better now).

Because I actually have videos of the rest of the week's lovely dance performances, of course, I can't get either of my computers to allow me to upload the videos. I keep getting a Blogger error message, yada yada, contact them, yackity smackity. So, needless to say, no videos. I'll definitely post those later. But, let me break down what happened.

So, on Wednesday, after the Derby, Abby had a dance performance. She was enrolled in a dance class with the City of Surprise, that culminated into a 30 second dance to a High School Musical song. Yup, that's it! They did do lot's of other stuff and most of them are 5 and 6 years old, so I shouldn't be surprised. But, since it involved my baby, I loved it. Very cute. Also nice that we didn't have to sit through an hour of Swan Lake. Abby bid adieu to her Skinny Minnie dance teacher until the next day because she also taught Joey's musical theatre class.

Cut to Thursday night, same time, same place, same teacher, almost same song, different kid. Joey's class did another High School Musical song (Joe tried to get them to do something from Wicked, Spamalot and Joseph and the ATDC, but no dice...little girls love HSM-apparently alot of big girls too). Joey's song was almost the whole song, but considering they only do 45 minutes for 5 weeks, what else could we expect. It was cute, it also involved him doing a little hip movement thing from Grease (dang Blogger!!!! I promise I'll put up that video, HILAR!!). It was really cute, James was a little uncomfortable-guys really have this fear that their sons will go to the Rainbow Side (hah! darkside) even they do anything they feel is slightly girly, but James would never admit it. I could just see it in his eyes. BTW, Joey stayed in that class because there were 3 boys and 16 girls. Did I mention he is a very smart little boy? Did I also mention every time I picked him up he was always either being chased by, or surrounded by girls. Yup, that's my little man.

Since I was really pretty yucky that week, Friday night was spent at home with my hubby. The kids were all hyped because we had a Ward Picnic on Saturday. It was really fun too. Water balloons filled the air, lot's of good conversation too. The evening ended with the Primary children ice blocking on the blocks of ice we had in our water cooler. I used to love doing that! Now I realize I need a bigger piece of ice. *sigh* So, I didn't try. I just watched the kiddos enjoy the day. Everyone was bummed to have to go home.

I guess I could try to tackle this week...well it really amounted to this. Monday: work and a migraine. Tuesday: work, Taxes, migraine, Dennyse's birthday and book club missed for a migraine. I did watch a funny movie though. It's called Lars and the Real Girl. For those of you that didn't have an "Inactive time" a Real Girl doll is a really really fancy blow up doll. Aw, but the kicker is, that's not at all what the movie is about. In fact, no hanky panky occurs. It was actually a PG-13 movie only for content because of what she is. Look it up, it's actually quite cute. In fact, I don't even remember very many curse words...anyhoo. Wednesday: work, take boys to scouts Thursday: work and a Wal-Mart trip to furnish my 6 year old with grub for her field trip today. I actually had a conversation with her about the kids wanted to get sneezed on by a giraffe. Weird! Friday: work, work, work, yuck!!!!

This weekend should be fun though...anyhoo, until next post which will be sooner, rather than later. TTFN!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


The last Saturday in March we went to RenFest 2008 out in AJ. It was really fun. Hot, but fun. Since it was pretty smoking for March, I decided not to wear my costume, mostly because it is black and I would roast. I was disappointed, of course, but I figure there is always next year! So, once we drove a million miles to AJ, after getting lost, detoured, etc. we got into the fair. Then I realized I left my wallet in the car, so I left the kiddos with my mom (James had to work, so Mom and I took the babies) and hoofed it back to the car, another million miles away. This is the point that I was glad I didn't wear my costume I was so hot!!!

Okay, once I got back inside I saw: An Ent! Hello Lord of the Rings fans, check it out a TreeHerder!!

Then, I found the kids talking with a sheep lady. One of her sheep had a disease of sleep and just hung by a rope dragged behind her. They really are a special brand of people, RenFair folks...

After checking out the Torture Dungeon...let me speak a moment about this...for $1.50 we got to experience the best thing at the fair. If you can ignore all the torture scenes you get to stand in a freezing cold AIR CONDITIONED!!! exhibit. That's why it was the best!!!! Anyhoo, after the Dungeon..Lunch!
The kids chowed down on Turkey legs:

Abby went on the swings:

Sophie napped....

We enjoyed many shows and shopping, but the best part, by far is this Fairy. She is just awesome. She gives the children a fairy stone with lucky pixie dust. Here's a couple pics and a video of her playing her fairy flute:

We had a great time, although, next year, I did get a promise from Mom that she'd watch the kiddos so James and I could go together. So Huzzah!

Easter Finally...

Here's some pics of Easter around the Cavazos household. On Sunday morning we went to church and had a wonderful time. I sang with the choir and felt totally wonderful about expressing my love of the Savior through song. After church we went next door to my mother-in-law's house. Yes, for those of you that don't know, I live next door to the MIL. It's totally fine. Helpful even, like we are out of butter, go see if your Nana has some kinda helpful...or I need a break from you crazy children, go see if your Nana is home. Anyhoo, we had BBQ with my SIL and BIL's kids. They are a little strange, so it's not exactly fun, more like "and at the Last Supper they tapped a keg, hence why we are loaded on Easter." *sigh* So luckily we got to go to my mom's house later where folks are sober, happy and intellegent.
So, here's some pictures...
First some pictures of the girl's haul...I didn't seem to get one of Joe's

Soph hugging her bunny..I know, she's just has on a diaper, my kids don't like to where pajamas..

Next, they were flying kites and Joey had a very Charlie Brown moment with his kite..

That darn Kite Eating tree!!! (anybody remember Peanuts? anyone?)

Here are the girl's enjoying themselves...

And my nieces, don't you just love Ceeanna's scrunchy face?

Overall is was pretty enjoyable...coming next..RenFest!