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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Abba Dabba Ding Dong

Well sports fans, I've just returned from our school's fund raiser night at the 'Donalds, and wanted to post about an extra special little girl.

Today is Abby's 7th Birthday.

I wanted to share some special things about my little lady.
*Abby could dance before she could walk. I used to call her Shakira, cause she can move those hips!
*Abby loves to hang out at her Nana's house (she equally loves her Grandma)
*Abby loves to make her sister scream (there she goes again)
*She loves to have me wash her hair
*When I was pregnant with her, I found out on Halloween that I would be having a girl. My folks were in Utah, we called them while they were eating breakfast...they freaked out.
*My mom would tell me that if she came out a boy, she was going to make her wear pink.
*Abby wore shoes home from the hospital, to this day she is a shoe freak. She gives that chick from Sex in the City a run for her money. Seriously, she is going to have to marry rich just to stay in shoes.
*She has had her Daddy wrapped around her fingers since day one.
*She never burns, she has the most beautiful brown skin in the summer.
*She has brown eyes like her Daddy, the only one of all my kids.
*She can't wait (but I can *wink) to grow up, get married in the temple and to have lots of babies. She loves babies. She always wants to know when I'm having another one.
*She tries my patience everyday, but I don't love her any less for it.
*She seems to have alot of self-confidence, but she is actually very shy and very critical of herself. We are always trying to get her to understand how wonderful she truly is.
*She's the middle child and with it comes all the typical middle child behavior.
*Her middle name is Renee. Not after anyone, just sounded pretty.
*We have a great, great, great aunt or something (Puritan times) on my dad's side named Abigail. We didn't know that until after we had her.
*I considered spelling her name Abigayle, since my mom's middle name is Gayle. I wanted her to be able to find her name on one of those little license plates. She's never gotten one, but hey, she could.
*Right now she thinks she's going to marry a Jonas brother...but what little girl doesn't think that?
I love my Abby!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy a few pics of her!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I am your singing telegram.

The day before Valentine's Day, I got to be a singing valentine at work. I had a list of people (it ended up being close to 20 since one was for an office full of people) and a valentine with the lyrics to several love songs printed on the back. I've put a couple pictures of me serenading the folks at work. It was fun!

Here is me goofing off. I swear..

I'm embarrassed...

Yuck, I look chunky