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Monday, September 21, 2009


So, I pretty much stink at posting. I had these grand ideas of blogging about my pregnancy, but it just didn't happen. I never feel well enough to blog. Right now in fact, I'm nursing some sort of allergic reaction that landed me in Urgent Care and receiving a breathing treatment so I could actually catch my breath. But, baby is doing fine, it's just me.

What's been going on? Well, September is a month of birthdays and anniversaries for us. James and I celebrated our 9th on Sept. 2nd. Then James had his 38th birthday on Sept 8th. Amie had a birthday (she can share her age LOL). Joey turned 11 on Sept. 16th (oh and I won't say how old, but my Aunt Denise had a birthday on Sept. 15th). Then we round out the next couple of weeks with two of my nephews, Johnathen and Salvador each having a birthday, then to wrap up the month of September Sophie turns 3!

Other than that, Joey is in his first play, "Night of the Living Dead" at Theater Works. He's been noticing what it's like to choose between things since he will be missing Halloween (a National Holiday in our house) and all the prime trick or treating. I did hear some negotiation between him and Abby over some candy to be delivered to his person after she does the collecting.

Well, here's to 29 weeks of pregnancy! Let the countdown begin!!!

So, here's a random post....I hope to do more, but I can't promise I will.