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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why it's been forever since I last posted...

Well, cause I am expecting a wee little one. Well, that shouldn't effect me posting, right? Except, that I have been super-duper sick for about a month. The worst all day sickness ever! I've done the meds (none worked) and I've done everything else everyone since the dawn of time has tried and nothing worked.

I'm pretty miserable. I want to be excited, but all I can focus on is how sick I am. I have ceased to be mother and wife and I am just a blob of yuck. I lay in bed and do nothing except go to stinkin' work cause I have too.

Well, the good part of this (besides my baby) is that I have had some absolutely amazing friends take care of me by bringing dinner in and by just sending me great thoughts and prayers! Shout out to Amie, Jessica and Christine-without you my kids might have starved! (Well not really but it was nice to have something non-microwavable right) I love you ladies! My Mom too, she gets my calls at work when I just hurled in the bathroom. Why is it you pee when you throw up? I hate that, I have to cross my legs...nevermind, I digress.... Also, thanks to everyone that has been supportive of me during my inactivity at church (well, I'm there but I almost threw up all over CTR 5 the other day) and everything else I have had to blow off. *sigh* just pray that this doesn't last any longer-and yes, I had morning (all day) sickness with my others, but this is 100% worse so I have no idea how long it will last.

Oh, and as of Sunday....I'm 12 weeks.......due date 12/6/09.