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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Monday night we went to the Temple to see the lights with our friends. As always it was beautiful! And as always we watched the video of Luke II in the Visitor's Center, but not as usual I'm post partum so more tears than usual shed.

What a wonderful night! Thanks guys!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Ho-Ho

Sophie is obsessed with Santa Claus, or as she says "The Ho-Ho." I do have to admit she's cooperating a little better since I have Ho-Ho on speed dial.

James took Abby to her first roller skating party a couple weekends ago, so Sophie tagged along. This is what she did the whole time.

Abby also tried skating for the first time. She fell many times, but didn't give up and wants to do it again. Very un-Abby like. I'm proud that she wants to try again, it shows she's growing up!

Then this past Saturday, James got a call that really made his dream come true, he got to play Santa at the Ward Party. Sophie said that her "Daddy was the Ho-Ho." We told her that he was Santa's helper. She was still excited to see Santa. Brother Mayo from the Ward took some great pictures THANK YOU!!!

Of course we had some laughs over James being a Mexican Santa. He really has always wanted to play Santa, but thought people wouldn't go for it because he was extra tan. I think he did a fantastic job. The funniest part of it all is that James recently lost 54 lbs so he had to use a pillow to play Santa! Last year it would have been natural, but since he's lost his gut a pillow was required.

I also forgot to mention that we went to Christine and DJ's house to take newborn photos of Harley. Christine posted this pic on her blog as a preview. All I can say is wow. I can't wait to see them all! She really does amazing work!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

On the first day of Christmas my true-love gave to me...

A Harley Lynn!

Harley was born on Dec. 1st at 12:03pm. She was 7lbs, 12oz and 20in long.

We had her at Del Webb, they were as awesome with this one as they were with Sophie's delivery and with my hospital stay. Shout out to Nancy my nurse, she was amazing! I really only had one weird thing happen, I reacted weirdly to an epidural and almost fainted. Creepy feeling. But, the doctor yanked that one out put the new one in and everything was perfect!

So, now what everyone wants....pictures!

Here I am at my Mom's house dropping off the other kiddos so we could go to the hospital at 5am (induction...blah!)

Harley showing off her weight, the only time a girl doesn't mind...

She had her bath, like the mohawk? She has really light hair too...

Here we are getting acquainted

Although he's not smiling, he is such a proud Daddy!!

This is my favorite, she's 4 days old here (check out the light hair here too)

Monday, September 21, 2009


So, I pretty much stink at posting. I had these grand ideas of blogging about my pregnancy, but it just didn't happen. I never feel well enough to blog. Right now in fact, I'm nursing some sort of allergic reaction that landed me in Urgent Care and receiving a breathing treatment so I could actually catch my breath. But, baby is doing fine, it's just me.

What's been going on? Well, September is a month of birthdays and anniversaries for us. James and I celebrated our 9th on Sept. 2nd. Then James had his 38th birthday on Sept 8th. Amie had a birthday (she can share her age LOL). Joey turned 11 on Sept. 16th (oh and I won't say how old, but my Aunt Denise had a birthday on Sept. 15th). Then we round out the next couple of weeks with two of my nephews, Johnathen and Salvador each having a birthday, then to wrap up the month of September Sophie turns 3!

Other than that, Joey is in his first play, "Night of the Living Dead" at Theater Works. He's been noticing what it's like to choose between things since he will be missing Halloween (a National Holiday in our house) and all the prime trick or treating. I did hear some negotiation between him and Abby over some candy to be delivered to his person after she does the collecting.

Well, here's to 29 weeks of pregnancy! Let the countdown begin!!!

So, here's a random post....I hope to do more, but I can't promise I will.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why it's been forever since I last posted...

Well, cause I am expecting a wee little one. Well, that shouldn't effect me posting, right? Except, that I have been super-duper sick for about a month. The worst all day sickness ever! I've done the meds (none worked) and I've done everything else everyone since the dawn of time has tried and nothing worked.

I'm pretty miserable. I want to be excited, but all I can focus on is how sick I am. I have ceased to be mother and wife and I am just a blob of yuck. I lay in bed and do nothing except go to stinkin' work cause I have too.

Well, the good part of this (besides my baby) is that I have had some absolutely amazing friends take care of me by bringing dinner in and by just sending me great thoughts and prayers! Shout out to Amie, Jessica and Christine-without you my kids might have starved! (Well not really but it was nice to have something non-microwavable right) I love you ladies! My Mom too, she gets my calls at work when I just hurled in the bathroom. Why is it you pee when you throw up? I hate that, I have to cross my legs...nevermind, I digress.... Also, thanks to everyone that has been supportive of me during my inactivity at church (well, I'm there but I almost threw up all over CTR 5 the other day) and everything else I have had to blow off. *sigh* just pray that this doesn't last any longer-and yes, I had morning (all day) sickness with my others, but this is 100% worse so I have no idea how long it will last.

Oh, and as of Sunday....I'm 12 weeks.......due date 12/6/09.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Come see me sing on Friday (solo is only on Friday, guys)

You are cordially invited to attend
Saints & Pioneers,
a presentation for choir, soloists and narrators,
composed by Rob Gardner and performed by
the Surprise, Arizona Stake
of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Friday, April 17, 2009 7pm
Sunday, April 19, 2009 7pm

Surprise Stake Center
14916 N Sarival Rd
Surprise, AZ 85379
(Sarival Rd and Greenway Rd)

How often in anguish have I said in my heart, “When shall my trials
and tribulations end?” But amid all these heart-rending trials not once
yet have I ever regretted that I set out to follow the council of the people
of God and to obey the voice of the spirit…
-Hosea Stout

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Abba Dabba Ding Dong

Well sports fans, I've just returned from our school's fund raiser night at the 'Donalds, and wanted to post about an extra special little girl.

Today is Abby's 7th Birthday.

I wanted to share some special things about my little lady.
*Abby could dance before she could walk. I used to call her Shakira, cause she can move those hips!
*Abby loves to hang out at her Nana's house (she equally loves her Grandma)
*Abby loves to make her sister scream (there she goes again)
*She loves to have me wash her hair
*When I was pregnant with her, I found out on Halloween that I would be having a girl. My folks were in Utah, we called them while they were eating breakfast...they freaked out.
*My mom would tell me that if she came out a boy, she was going to make her wear pink.
*Abby wore shoes home from the hospital, to this day she is a shoe freak. She gives that chick from Sex in the City a run for her money. Seriously, she is going to have to marry rich just to stay in shoes.
*She has had her Daddy wrapped around her fingers since day one.
*She never burns, she has the most beautiful brown skin in the summer.
*She has brown eyes like her Daddy, the only one of all my kids.
*She can't wait (but I can *wink) to grow up, get married in the temple and to have lots of babies. She loves babies. She always wants to know when I'm having another one.
*She tries my patience everyday, but I don't love her any less for it.
*She seems to have alot of self-confidence, but she is actually very shy and very critical of herself. We are always trying to get her to understand how wonderful she truly is.
*She's the middle child and with it comes all the typical middle child behavior.
*Her middle name is Renee. Not after anyone, just sounded pretty.
*We have a great, great, great aunt or something (Puritan times) on my dad's side named Abigail. We didn't know that until after we had her.
*I considered spelling her name Abigayle, since my mom's middle name is Gayle. I wanted her to be able to find her name on one of those little license plates. She's never gotten one, but hey, she could.
*Right now she thinks she's going to marry a Jonas brother...but what little girl doesn't think that?
I love my Abby!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy a few pics of her!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I am your singing telegram.

The day before Valentine's Day, I got to be a singing valentine at work. I had a list of people (it ended up being close to 20 since one was for an office full of people) and a valentine with the lyrics to several love songs printed on the back. I've put a couple pictures of me serenading the folks at work. It was fun!

Here is me goofing off. I swear..

I'm embarrassed...

Yuck, I look chunky

Thursday, February 5, 2009

How cool is Disney?

Thanks Stephanie for the cute idea!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mistaken Identity...or...My new Sister

I have to tell you a quick story about a phone call my mom got last night from a childhood friend she hasn't spoken to in years.

Her friend called my mom out of the blue after looking her name up in the phone book. She then asked if my mom has a daughter that is an actress (at this point I was thinking the lady might have seen me in a play I did or something). Mom said that I did some local things and the lady said well...She went and saw the movie Twilight and the actress in it had the same eyes my mom did when she was young. The way her eyelashes looked and everything, so she thought she may be my mom's daughter.

Well....here is what I was supposed to look like or what my sister was supposed to look like (the eyes anyway)

Yup, my mom has Bella eyes. Don't worry though, she wasn't referring to the constant blinking thing she does throughout the movie, just the actual look of them.