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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break Fever

Spring Break was pretty fun.  I had Emmalee with me for most of the week, so we saved our bigger outings until my days off.

Monday was pretty uneventful.  We spend most of our time enjoying our day and watching That 70's Show on Netflix. 

Tuesday we spent with the Whitings at their house.  The kids and Jessica got into their spool (half spa, half pool, it's small but still a good size).  I'm not posting pics because Jessica would shoot me. 

Wednesday we spent at Wet n Wild.  I got a couple of shots of the baby girls enjoying themselves.  Joey went off on his own and Abby met a random little girl and had a great time with her all day.  It was a bit cold, but because the sun was nice and bright, it was not too bad. 

This was her own pose...yup I'm in BIG trouble!
Thursday we went to the movies and saw Gnomeo and Juliet, using one of Abby's birthday presents.  Well the girls and I did...Joey went and saw Battle LA, because there was "no way I'm seeing that dumb movie."  The movie was so-so but the older girls had fun.  Harley made it halfway through because she had a ton of snacks. (not the best pics)

Friday was a quiet day, although James and I did get to go on our usual date...the gym!  It was a ton of fun, but I'm glad school is back in!

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Amie said...

Yup, you're in BIG Trouble with that one! Looks like a great week!