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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day Campout

Over Father's Day weekend we took a little camping trip. Our friends Ben and Jessica joined us, and then my parents and my nephew came up. We went to Blue Ridge Reservoir and camped at the Rock Crossing Campground. Thanks so much Amie for introducing us to the area, it's become one of my favorite places.

Although it's not secluded, we decided to camp in a campground because it's one of the only places that fire is permitted. As Amie has said many times, it's one of the best parts about camping. I am so glad we picked the spot, it was great to have bathrooms and water close by and to have a roaring fire!

The weather was beautiful, cool at night and pleasant during the day. Although my parents air mattress bit the dust, everyone slept well and we weren't too cold.

I brought up playdoh, and I'm glad I did, it kept the girl's occupied when we were putting up the tents or cooking.

The other nice thing about the area is the reservoir. We went swimming, sure it was a bit cold, but it felt great. I didnt get any pics of the reservoir because we were swimming. Superfun!

Here are so pics from our trip...

Joe thought this look was rather en-deer-ing.

James and Ben chatting. I like that James has such great guy friends.

Here are some playdoh pics

Then two deer started fighting...

Joey is such an amazing big brother, he is always helpful and Harley always hangs out with her Joe Joe

Another great part of camping is eating!

And hanging out by the fire...

Sophie picked many flowers

Harley and Daddy

We had a great time and I can't wait to go again!

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Amie said...

Wish we'd been able to make it, looks like a really fun time! Jealous!!